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Hey there, my name is Aldo! I'm the eldest of three siblings. My two younger brothers, Sultan and Simba, are full of energy and love to tear and wreck my toys. My parents and maama (uncle) try to get us strong toys which don't break and which aren't too expensive as they need to replace them all the time with those two around. Unfortunately everything they found wasnt up to the mark and I got bored of it after sometime.

But then my parents decided to start something which wasn't too expensive and try to get toys which my two brothers found difficult to break and kept me happy and excited for longer! They also decided to explore designs and colours  and came up with some funky and trendy colours and patterns to make us look more fashionable!

Since I am so happy, and relaxed, that my two brothers have their own toys now I've decided to share it with everyone!

Besides all the toys I play with, they feed me some of the yummiest treats around, I can't get enough of them plus they are healthy. I also have a comfy bed, on which I snuggle up on, I don't share that with my brothers!

Before you check out all the amazing toys and stuff my family has for you, let me introduce my family first.

1. Sultan

He is the middle child, he was born on the 26th of November 2013. Energetic and loves to pay tug, I let him win though. He is the big eater in the family, loves his biscuits and when he's ready to go for a walk he takes his leash to maama. He knows where they stash his toys, so when he wants to play he goes and sits by his cupboard and waits but most of the time he gets naughty and turns everything upside down!!

2. Simba

The youngest and most mischievous. He was born on the 12th of July 2020. Still an infant and full of energy, loves to nibble on my ears. He doesn't give me a minute of peace, I have to run to mum and dad for protection. When he came into our lives he chewed up everything and I tried to warn him not to otherwise mum and dad would scold him. They scolded him. Between you and I, he always needs me around him even though he acts like he is boss of the house.

3. Mummy aka Charvee

She is the nicest of them all. She gives me treats all the time and doesn't stop pampering me. She always used to replace my broken toys but got fed up with spending so much money on expensive toys and food, thats why she wanted to start something of her own. Plus she loves me the most, I know it.

4. Dad aka Nimay

He is the disciplinarian. Very strict. He always makes sure I finish my food, even if I'm not hungry. He would take us for walks and Simba would always pull and wriggle out of his leash or tear it. It would really make him angry, he had to keep looking for strong leashes and collars.

5. Maama aka Arjun

He's the cool one. If you wanted to play fetch or basically get rough he was the one you went to. He's one of us full of energy and makes us run a lot, sometimes too much.Plus he also spoils us with treats without mum and dad knowing.

Finally coming to the king of the house, me, I was the first one in their lives, no matter how much they spoil my brothers I'll always be their first love and get all their attention. Plus I am a good boy, they said it themselves.

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